HomeSmart Realty Explains the Judicial Vs. Non-Judicial Foreclosures

BY IN Real Estate On 11-03-2013

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On March 14 at 2pm at our offices, HomeSmart Realty will be holding a special presentation to help our clients, friends, neighbors and associates to understand the differences between our state’s two types of foreclosures. Until recently, we only saw a prevalence of the non-judicial variety but now we are seeing more judicial foreclosures taking place.

If you are facing this situation or someone you know could potentially find themselves in a foreclosure situation, it is critical to understand what to expect.

Through our presentation, you will learn valuable information about the length of time each is expected to take, how each is handled and other important details about the process.

Call us today to confirm your attendance. Though an RSVP is not required, we’d love to know you’re coming and as always we welcome the opportunity to bring you valuable information to help you in all your real estate endeavors!


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